Tiffany Rifkin is a superior athlete and natural leader. In high school she channeled her competitive energy into track, softball and water polo. She tried out for cheer, but felt like too much of a tomboy at the time. Ironically, her life’s passion has become cheering others on.
Tiffany has past struggles with portion size, food selection and an affinity for soda. Sound familiar? These are the same things many of her clients struggle with when trying to achieve their fitness goals. It’s that perspective, honesty and humility that allows her to craft expert meal plans, realistic goals and disciplined lifestyles that drive her clients to be their best.
Tiffany’s passion for fitness is so strong that it doesn’t feel like work. She loves helping others reach their full potential. Her specialty is in ‘Transformations.’ Working with clients to re-imagine and literally re-shape their lives by either losing weight or gaining muscle.
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Seth F.
Seth F.
2017-04-14 10:55:29
TIFFANY is amazing! I've never had a female trainer because I didn't feel as if they would be able to push me in the areas of fitness that a male could! But...
Vanessa M.
Vanessa M.
2017-04-13 08:21:47
I had my first training with Tiff yesterday and she worked me hard! I haven't had a workout like that ever! I sprained my wrist a few weeks ago so have been...
Eve O.
Eve O.
2017-03-28 09:50:28
I couldn't have found a better trainer then Tiffany, she is great, motivates me and pushes me to keep going. Can't wait to see more changes in my body with...

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Eating the right foods, at the right time and in the right portion is essential to reaching your fitness goals. Once your diet is properly aligned to your goals, the results will soon follow!


Whether your goal is to shed weight or get shredded. I can create a customized plan to help you transform your body. Your best version is inside of you, together we can find the keys to release it.


If you are ready to take your fitness lifestyle to the next level, you may be ready to compete. Fitness competitions are an entirely different beast and I can help you prepare your body and mind to give it your best.

{frequently asked questions}

How much time will I need to workout to reach my goals?

Take the time to access your specific needs and build a regime that fits you. Most people’s goals are way to aggressive to start. Push yourself, but be realistic.

Can I focus on just my abs, glutes or both?

It’s possible to target one area, but I train towards overall health and fitness.

How do I lose stubborn belly fat without surgery?

By following a strict meal prep plan and doing fasted cardio 5x week for 45 minutes. If that seems like a lot, start at a level that is based on your current stamina and endurance levels.

Are waist trainers ok to workout in?

Waist trainers are not recommended during a workout. They restrict breathing and movement. If you insist on using one, make sure it is properly fitted.

How do I workout with Tiffany?

Use the ‘Contact Us’ button on the screen to send Tiffany a message. She will review and reach out to you soon thereafter to talk about your unique fitness goals, history and motivations.

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